What’s in my Bag 

This might make me a weirdo. But meh, I am going to power through regardless. I adore ‘what’s in my bag’ posts. I think I have watched every video available on YouTube.

I find them entertaining but not only that, I feel like they are one of the most relatable tags in the social media space – a short 3 minute clip can offer a rare glimpse into another person’s psyche. A lot can be said about the contents of somebody’s handbag.

For instance, from my handbag you could probably draw the following conclusions:

  • I am organized, or I try my level best to be,
  • Excessive compartmentalisation is a huge issue of mine – I tend to carry bags within bags within bags more so than actually carrying things in the bags,
  • I am a minimalist,
  • I am not sentimental – Sorry, I will not be keeping the birthday card you so lovingly wrote to me, and;
  • I am a difficult person to live with.

So, anyway. The handbag that I am currently sporting on a day-to-day basis is the DKNY Bryant Park Chain Trim Shopper.

I adore this bag. Although I have to admit, I find the chain strap to be rather precarious, especially after I am finished jam-packing my life into it. But, I’ve been giving it the benefit of my daily-doubt. It hasn’t failed me yet (fingers crossed).

As you can see, super full. Unnecessarily so. And yes, that is a black cross-body shoulder bag hidden within my bag.

Okay. Hmm, let me explain myself..

This bag within a bag is a temporary solution. It is acting as my ‘wallet’ for the moment. And this is because I am notorious for either losing my credit card, debit card, lip balm, building pass, and/or breaking my phone every time I head out of the office or go on a coffee break. Three smashed iPhones later and it finally dawned that I needed a carry bag, one that had a shoulder strap where I could store all my essential bits and bobs, whenever I went to get my daily (aka hourly) mug of coffee.

I know.. tell me more about your first world problems, Linda. 

Okay. Moving on.

Taking out everything from each compartment, my life could be summed up a little like this (but not as strategically positioned).

img_9412From left to right and top to bottom:

  • DKNY shopper tote in black leather
  • Mimco makeup bag in rose gold
  • Mimco hip bag in black leather and tassel
  • Apple generation 2 watch in gold
  • Oroton umbrella in navy blue print

And the contents chilling in the Mimco makeup bag…


From left to right, and top to bottom:

  • Car keys [can’t drive or enter houses without them, haha]
  • Spare iPhone charger adapter [should be in the small grey mimco pouch, but I’ll let that little annoyance go]
  • Battery pack [incase I get lost, need to use Google maps, and my phone is on its last legs]
  • Raybans glasses case and aviators in green and gold [only style that suits my wide face]
  • Grey Mimco pouch housing my Apple headphones and charger cord [self explanatory]
  • Office building swipe card [apparently security is a big deal..]
  • Blistex for my chapped lips [my life story 93% of the time]
  • Bobbi Brown setting powder [just in case]
  • Dettol [because you know, gross]

And here is the content of my hipbag aka Linda’s oversized wallet.


As you can see, another bag within a bag to hold my coins, my one five dollar note and my Dior lip gloss.

Anyways, enough chit-chat. I’m off to work!


 Love Linda, xo


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  1. February 10, 2017 / 4:17 am

    I love this! I like the way you explained everything along with the pictures. This is great!

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