Favorite Cafes in Brisbane 

To celebrate the fast approaching weekend, and the fact that this afternoon I will be flying back home to Brisbane – home to my fiancé and felines (sheds tears of happiness) – I thought I would share some of the incredible cafes and meals my partner and I have enjoyed over the last few weeks.

Recommendation 1:

The Oxford Jetty located on 1b Oxford Street, Bulimba QLD 4171.

These guys make the best ricotta hot cakes. Honestly. Fluffy, perfectly sweet and topped off with fresh strawberries, vanilla bean gelato, and lemon syrup. 

I mean, just take my $17.00 already.

The Chicken Quesadilla with fried eggs, cheddar cheese, spiced avocado, black beans, and chive sour cream is perfect for anyone looking for a hearty start to their day. And for $18.00? Ah, yum!

Recommendation 2:

Riverbend Cafe, located at 193 Oxford Street, Bulimba QLD 4171.

I absolutely adore their signature bircher museli topped with banana, strawberries, apple and passion fruit for the delicious price of $12.50.

Recommendation 3:

Arriva Italian Restaurant, located at 6/84 Merthyr Road, New Farm QLD 4005.

Ever since moving to Brisbane 2 years ago – this family run restaurant has been a staple haunt for my partner and I. A month has not past that we have not slipped into this joint for a sneaky takeaway or two.

A particular favorite of mine is the Fettuccine Al Ragu D’Agnello. For $22.50, you get the most exquisite homemade fettuccine dish served with slow cooked lamb and rosemary in a rich tomato sauce.

Recommendation 4:

As part of my fiancé and my new years resolution, we have been making more of an effort to travel up and down the Queensland coastline in search of good surf, food and atmosphere.

And we have finally found a place that checks all our boxes:

Elephant Rock, located at 776 Pacific Parade, Currumbin QLD 4223.

Just looking at the above photograph has me salavating! It was that bloody good.

This Quinoa and tempeh including zucchini, Picked carrots, baby kale, avocado, hummus and almonds was $15.00 and incredibly tasty!

Now, I can’t personally speak for this dish as my partner was the one to enjoy this number. But he has assured me that it was delicious! 

This was the french toast with vanilla brioche, poached rhubarb and apple, granola and anglaise. And this dish was only $14.00.

I’m off to go get myself a snack. Writing this post has made my hunngry.

Love lots.

Linda, xo


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