Surreal Sunsets & Hidden Beaches, Ios Greece

Truth be told, when planning our holiday to the Greek Islands, Ios was not high on my list of must-see places. Whilst the island itself had been well marketed, courtesy of a few hundred Instagram famous plugs, there didn’t seem to be much else to see or do other than pub-hopping and clubbing and err.. sleeping off the previous night’s pub-hopping and clubbing.

And for once in my life, I could not be more pleased to be proven one-hundred-and-fifty-percent wrong. I had severely underestimated the island of Ios. It had everything I could ever want from a Greek Island, from breathtaking views; a natural landscape rivaling even that of Milos, an abundance of hiking trails, beautiful untouched beaches and a thriving main town full of restaurants and ice cream parlors (lol, desserts were a priority). Ios offered my husband and I no shortage of daily activities and often saw us venturing out in the early mornings and returning well past sundown.



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